Come Play


Spoon is a Texas based indie pop band whose most famous hits are I Turn My Camera On, The Underdog, I Summon You, and Don’t You Evah. Their punk and rock blend has led them to be compared to such artists as Tom Petty. Very much worth listening to.

Mads Langer

This Danish artist has written many sad, emotional songs despite the fact that he considers himself more to be an optimist. He’s a fairly new artist who’s most popular song is Fact-Fiction and has had his song The River Has Run Wild been used in shows like The Vampire Diaries. 

Vampire Weekend

preppy, indie rock

Ezra Koenig. What more can I say? Don’t let the name turn you off. This is a great band who just released their newest album, Modern Vampires of the City. The band met while attending college at Columbia University. So they’re cute and smart.

Check them out!

Time Spent Driving

genre: indie rock, emo rock

An emo rock band from Santa Cruz, California formed by five members in 1999 went on a hiatus in 2003 and broke up in 2005. But they’re newly back together and producing music for a new album. Time Spent Driving is a talented band whose music will always be there for you through thick and thin. 

Like Moths to Flames

Genre: Metalcore

Like Moths to Flames is a fairly new metalcore band from Ohio. They seemed to have changed member a bit in their 3 years of being a band but their quality is just as good as ever. They are currently touring and have one album out. 

If you love metal, odds are that you’re going to love this band. Check them out and maybe buy tickets when they’re in your area.

Milo Greene

Genre: Indie, folk pop,

Currently this band has only 13 songs to their name, but they are all brilliant songs filled with beautiful harmonies and incredible talent. Robbie Arnett, Andrew Heringer,  Marlana Sheetz, Curtis Marrero and Graham Fink make up this indie band whose intent when creating the songs was to make a cinematic feel where the songs would be perfect in movies and such. 

They also have a short film titled Moddison.


Genres: Alt Rock, Alt Metal

Yes, I know. Incubus is actually a fairly well-known band; everyone has heard one of their songs, the only problem is the number of people who actually know the song they’re listening to is Incubus is far too low. 

Incubus is an American rock band from Calabasas, California that formed in 1991. Almost everyone has heard their most famous hit, Drive, but many people do not connect this song to Incubus. They are very underrated. several albums since 1991, and Incubus is still hardly known, though their talent is immense.  

Mike Tompkins

Genres: A Capella, Pop

 Using only his mouth and voice, Mike Tompkins can create sounds for hi hat, guitar, violin, snare drum and any instrument he needs to. This singer has done many covers, including Starships by Nikki Minaj, in which he performs with the cast of Pitch Perfect. He also writes his own songs and occasionally does mash-ups. He is incredibly talented and can even create dubstep with only sounds from his mouth. He was on Ellen, has worked with Timbaland, been posted by Perez, and continues to build up an impressive resume and expand his talent.


Genres: Heavy Metal, Alt Metal, Rock

Sevendust is an Alternative Metal band formed in Atlanta, Georgia, in 1994. One of the rising acts of the late 90’s, original band members Lajon Witherspoon(vocals), John Connolly(guitar), Clint Lowery(guitar), Vince Hornsby(bass), and Morgan Rose(drums) went through several name changed before settling on Sevendust. In 2004, however, Lowery had left the group and former Snot guitarist, Sonny Mayo, came in as his replacement. This is a great artist for those who like the genre and they are definitely underrated.

Chrome Canyon

Genres: Electronica

Chrome Canyon is a relatively unknown electronica artist from Brooklyn. The music is very unique and has so much 80’s influence including Tron ‘references’ and much more. Unfortunately, since this is an unknown band, there really isn’t much information to tell you, but if you like electronica, you’ll love Chrome Canon’s music.